Consultancy Assignment: Evaluation WPS Programme

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The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation is commissioning a consultant to carry out an outcome evaluation of our global policy and advocacy programme. The consultant/s is to perform an assessment to evaluate the impact of Kvinna till Kvinna’s advocacy work within the programme Gendered Aspects of Peace and Security.

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The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation has promoted women’s rights since 1993. Today, we are one of the world’s leading women’s rights organisations. We operate in conflict-affected areas in the Middle East, Africa, Europe and the South Caucasus, where we support more than 150 brave partner organisations. Together, we work to strengthen women’s influence and power, end violence against women and promote human rights.

Programme Background

The objective of Kvinna till Kvinna’s global policy and advocacy work is to leverage the substantial programme work that Kvinna till Kvinna carries out in 20 conflict affected countries. Kvinna till Kvinna aims to inform and influence the Women, Peace and Security agenda and policies on women’s rights, peace and security based on the experiences of our partner organisations. We also aim to support our 150 partner organisations to strategically use international policies, agreements and conventions to create change and improve women’s rights at the regional, national and local level. Kvinna till Kvinna aims to strengthen the global capacity for women’s participation and influence in peacebuilding. The programme is intended to focus our advocacy on where our added value is the greatest and our impact can be most meaningful.

The programme that is to be evaluated is the Sida-funded programme “Gendered Aspects of Peace and Security”, that has been ongoing since September 2019 and is ending December 2021.

The assignment

The consultant/s is to evaluate the influence of Kvinna till Kvinna’s international advocacy, through our engagement in international advocacy forums regarding WPS and women’s rights and through support to partner organisations. As the programme period is limited, the evaluation of the impact of the programme will be limited in scope in relation to long-term advocacy outcomes.

The evaluation will also assess internal policy and advocacy processes within Kvinna till Kvinna in regard to learning and policy development. Furthermore, the evaluation will provide Kvinna till Kvinna with input to forthcoming advocacy programmes.

The evaluation is expected to provide answers to ascertain results on outcome and impact level as well as assess the effectiveness and relevance of this advocacy programme.

The assignment will be conducted through (digital) interviews with approximately 10-12 relevant stakeholders from partner organisations, Kvinna till Kvinna staff and international stakeholders (EU, UN, Ministry of Foreign Affairs etc.) In order to complement the interviews, a desk study of available material regarding the programme is necessary.

The methodology of the assignment is up to the consult to decide and for Kvinna till Kvinna to approve, however the assignment will ensure that the methodology approach includes an understanding of feminist approach, based on key values of: transparency, intersectionality, inclusiveness, sensitivity and a right-based approach.

The assignment will be conducted in accordance with Sida’s principles and criteria for evaluations.


  • Work plan including activities and timetable (to be developed in close consultation needs to be approved by Kvinna till Kvinna). 
  • Draft Outcome evaluation report (to be commented and approved by Kvinna till Kvinna).  
  • Final evaluation report (approximately 15-20 pages in length).
  • Seminar delivered to Kvinna till Kvinna advocacy team (digital), presenting and discussing lessons learned and recommendations.  

Skills and competencies 

The consultant/s should have;

  • University degree (BA, equivalent or higher education), preferably in political science, gender studies, international law, human rights or other related disciplines
  • Extensive experience of evaluation of advocacy initiatives
  • Extensive knowledge of Women, Peace and Security agenda, and women’s rights.
  • Experience of feminist organisations, values and applying a feminist approach to working methods
  • Excellent analytical skills, including ability to analyse policy and political processes
  • Ability to produce concise and analytical reports
  • Excellent command of English, including writing skills
  • Work with a participatory and culturally and conflict sensitive approach
  • Ability to plan and meet requirements on time 

Financial framework 

Consultant fees shall be specified as fees per day including taxes, social security contributions and VAT. The tender shall state total value of tender, including expenses such as telephone, internet or postage, expenses for travel related to the assignment. The maximum budget amount available for the evaluation is 150 000 SEK including VAT.

In cases where the tender includes a team of consultants, their division of work shall be presented. Contracted consultant/s cannot further subcontract the assignment.


  • The consultant/s shall be able to start on the 1 September 2021 at the latest.
  • A detailed time plan should be agreed upon before signing an agreement.  
  • Workplan completed and approved 10 September 2021. 
  • First draft of report delivered by 10 November 2021 
  • Comments from intended users to evaluators 20 November
  • Final report delivered by 10 December 2021

Required information

The consultant shall submit the following in their tender:

  • CV/s
  • Methods and procedures for developing the evaluation including for data collection 
  • Timeframe of the study in accordance with the points specified in the ToR 
  • Description of how quality standards in development evaluation will be addressed
  • Contact information 

Deadline and submission of tender 

Tenders must be sent to Kvinna till Kvinna no later than 20 June 2021.

Tenders should be sent by clicking the Submit Tender button. 


If you have any questions, please contact Advocacy Advisor Klara Backman at

For the full ToR, please click here



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